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SMSF Outsourcing

The size of your firm is not a concern for us, our SMSF Outsourcing service packages cater to all kinds of Accounting and Financial Planning firms.

SMSF Audit

We provide fast, reliable and cost effective SMSF Audit services to the SMSF Accountants, SMSF Advisers and SMSF Trustees.

Accounting Outsourcing

We at Dhan specialise in accounting outsourcing, tax outsourcing as well as bookkeeping.

Looking for a High-Class SMSF Outsourcing , SMSF Audit and Accounting Services?

Quick Turnaround

Most of the funds are processed under a week’s time.

High Quality

High quality interactive e-workpapers & reports.

Low cost

Fixed fee structure irrespective of the size of the fund.


Dhan provides outsourcing solutions to Australian accounting and financial planning firms. The following services are provided at fixed fee, high turnaround time and high quality.

Our B2B service range comprise:

  • SMSF Outsourcing
  • SMSF Auditing
  • Accounting Outsourcing

Our business ethics and vision are based on three pillars:

  • 100% Integrity and Professionalism
  • Transparency
  • Excellence

Accounting & Tax outsourcing, SMSF Accounting & Audit services

We, at Dhan Accountants, believe in perfectionism. We ceaselessly pursue excellence in all aspects of our work.

Displaying utmost integrity and professionalism, we maintain complete confidentiality with respect to our clients.

Our B2B services are for accounting firms and financial planning firms who are looking for bulk SMSF Outsourcing, SMSF Auditing and Accounting outsourcing service solutions.

Our services cover all states of Australia

Why Choose Dhan Accountant Services?

  • Vast resource pool
  • Reliable and accurate bulk accounting services
  • A highly experienced team of accountants possessing extensive skills
  • Low cost bulk SMSF audit services


Swarn Sandhu

Swarn Sandhu, Director

Swarn Sandhu, Director

Jagdev Sandhu

Jagdev Sandhu , Director

Jagdev Sandhu , Director


Deals with accounting and financial planning firms

Dhan Accountants only deal with accounting and financial planning firms to provide the outsourcing services in bulk.

Flat fee structure

Our fee structure is simple and compelling. We have flat fee structure which gives you peace of mind.

Trusted outsourcing solution.

As an Australian accounting firm you can be assured you are dealing with SMSF specialists with the high level of expertise and quality of service.


Quality work

With passion, integrity and hard work, we do provide quality work.

Quick turnaround

With proven processes, and ability to think outside the box, also do embrace change if needed.


By holding our clients in high esteem, we believe in honest and direct communications, both internally and externally with our client.


SMSF Accounting services in different flexible packages:

  1. Year end accounting on desktop software:
    1. BGL’s Simple Fund; and
    2. Cloud- BGL360, Class Super, etc
  2. Round the year SMSF accounting on cloud
  3. Arrange SMSF audit services from independent auditors at fixed fee
  4. Lodge SMSF tax returns if you want:
    1. Under your tax agent number if you don’t have lodgement software
    2. Under our tax agent number if you are not registered tax agent
  5. Arrange for actuarial certificates at compelling fees.

You get:

  1. Complete set of final reports
  2. SMSF draft annual return
  3. Fully referenced work papers
  4. Updated software backup file if processed on BGL’s Simple Fund
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